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Alice T. Miner Museum

A colonial revival museum in

Chazy, New York

About the Alice T. Miner Museum

The Alice T. Miner Museum is a local gem nestled in the small town of Chazy, New York. The collection offers visitors a glimpse into Alice Miner’s vision of the past and the Colonial Revival movement of the early 20th century. Just as Alice did one hundred years ago, we believe in the power of objects to tell stories about the past.

No matter if you've lived here all your life, just stopped in from out of town, visited within the last year (or twenty years ago!) there’s always something new to see in the collection.

The Museum

The Alice’s twelve rooms hold furniture, decorative arts, and artifacts from around the world. Each piece has a story–don't be afraid to ask your tour guide questions to learn more about the history behind the items in the collection.

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Books & Manuscripts
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And More!

Our Staff

Our staff and volunteers are passionate about the power of preserving history. We encourage all visitors to bring all their questions to the tour. There is more than meets the eye at the Alice. T. Miner. 

Learn more about our staff and volunteers


Our Tours

Guided tours are available without an appointment for small groups of 10 people or less.

We also love to host larger parties of 10+ for private tours. 

Admission is free; donations are always appreciated.

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