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Matthew Sax: Historical Marker

Updated: Jul 11

Saxe Store

Matthew Sax was born in 1776, in Rhinebeck, New York to John and Catherine Sax. He, along with four of his brothers, purchased a tract of land in 1804, making Chazy Landing the site of their future businesses. Sax's first store was built in 1806, which operated very profitably. A group of British soldiers burned down his first store during Murray's Raid in August of 1813. Sax rebuilt his store in 1822, with a much sturdier stone building which remains standing to this day.

Advertisement for Sax's Store

While preparing to settle in Chazy, Sax heard talk of a large steamboat being built by the Winans brothers for use on Lake Champlain. But there was no wharf or dock from Whitehall (NY) to St. Johns (Que.) large enough to accommodate the one hundred and twenty foot vessel. In 1808, construction began on Sax's Landing so a wharf could be ready when the Vermont came into service the following year. Matthew Sax and his family are considered to be pioneers of Chazy Landing. Between his wharf, store, and many other projects, Sax left a considerable mark on

this region of the North Country.

This historical marker was erected by the Friends of the Library of the Chazy Public Library, as an initiative of the 350th Lake Champlain Anniversary Celebration. In 1959, the entire Lake Champlain basin, not just lakeside towns, celebrated Samuel de Champlain and his 1609 discovery of the region.

Historical marker for Matthew Sax's steamboat wharf

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