Upcoming Events

Morse Code Workshop

Saturday, January 27, 1:00 p.m.

Before the internet and even before the telephone, how could you communicate quickly with someone far away? The development of the telegraph in the mid-1800s, and of wireless telegraphy at the turn of the century, revolutionized long-distance communication. Learn about these important technologies, then put your knowledge to work building a machine to practice communicating in Morse code! Space is limited so please register in advance; there will be a $5 fee per participant for materials.

Call 518-846-7336 or email programs@minermuseum.org to register or for more information.

Coming in 2018…

This is just one of the exciting programs we have planned for next year! There’s lots more to look forward to–new walking tours of Chazy, a kids’ history camp, and a World War I-themed summer festival are just a few others. And if you have suggestions for programs, please contact program coordinator Leni Vradelis (programs@minermuseum.org) to share your ideas!

Photo at top: Holiday Ornament Workshop, December 2016